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Not only is Dave Jadico Artistic Director of CSz Philadelphia, he is also one of the company’s longest acting members. This means we get a lot of “Back in my day, we had to improvise uphill, both ways…” speeches during rehearsals. It’s worth it. Dave’s commitment to showmanship and the art of improv has given ComedySportz Philly some of it’s finest and most entertaining shows.

When he is not directing the company he is a Barrymore Award winner actor and External Relations Director for 1812 Productions.

When he’s not doing all that, he’s answering our questions.

1.  Your name and nickname: Dave “You wanted to stay but” Jadico

2. Your player #: #8,  just like Bob Boone from the Phillies, circa 1980.  Also, it looks like a snowman and it has axial symmetry on two axes, cool.

3. Year you joined CSz: 1994… sheesh.  If ComedySportz was a car, I would officially be allowed to drive it.

4.  High School attended: Council Rock High School, Newtown, PA

5.  College attended: Drexel University, Music Performance/Music Engineering Degree, played a lot of saxophone, watched a lot of Star Trek TNG.

6.  Favorite CSz game: Slo-Mo, both the announcing and the slo-mo part.

7.  Favorite memory involving a fan: There was this terrific fan, Mark, who used to come and sit in the front row when we were at The Brick Playhouse.  Everybody knew him.  He would often come alone, you know, a lone-wolf type of guy.  So, he came on his thirtieth Birthday and at the time tickets were $10.  He was first in line and plunked down $300 and said to the ticket seller “Tonight’s my thirtieth birthday and I want the first thirty people to get in for free”.  As each of those thirty people came up they were told that their ticket was already paid for by Mark.  The people were floored!  At the end of the show, the cast and audience all sang “Happy Birthday” to Mark.  The real version!  It was awesome.

8.  Memorable show moment: The great Mike Young and I were in a Shakespeare scene together, also back when we performed at The Brick Playhouse.  At the time, we looked kinda similar, both having long hair and beards.  We wound up playing twins, separated at birth.  It was one of those rarely seen, four minute scenes that had an entire story told, with the brothers finally meeting at the end in a slow motion cross-stage run into each other’s arms.  Huzzah!

9.  Interesting fact (or 2) about yourself: Jadico is a made up name.  My grandpop starting using it in the fifties.  It used to be longer and was a lot more Italian sounding.

10.  Voted Most Likely Tomime, or go for a drink after the show.

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