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When you think of improv in Philadelphia, you think of Bobbi Block. Bobbi is one of ComedySportz Philly’s founding members, as well as a member of the very popular Lunch Lady Doris and founder of Tongue and Groove. She also plays a mean Samba. Plus she has the curliest hair in the world. I swear. Look it up.

1. Your name and nickname: Bobbi “Chip Off the Old” Block; OR “once around the” OR “Mental”  (I kinda like mental the most)

2. Your player #:12

3. Year you joined CSz: uh…..the FIRST time it started or the Second? ;-) Founder of company in 1992 (I think)…

4. High School attended: Cherry Hill West

5. College (and grad school) attended: University of Pennsylvania: Undergrad, Villanova: Grad

6. Favorite CSz game: Hard to choose…..  Chain Death Murder, Blind Line, 4 Cornerz, 5 Thingz, Beastie Rap, Musical Comedy, used to LOVE Dr. Doublespeak, Foreign Movie…. so many!  (easier to choose the handful i don’t love!)

7. Favorite memory involving a fan: Playing Advice Panel and a child in the audience asked a sincere question having something to do dealing with the recent death of his grandmother. The player (i forget who it was) stayed in character and answered sincerely — didn’t try to be funny — everyone in the audience recognized that the kid really wanted advice — it was very sweet and ‘humanized’ the show for a moment — and then the players beautifully went right back to the comedy with a seamless segue.

8. Memorable show moment: the hordes of people cheering for us when we opened The PlayGround.  Mummers playing, celebrity judges, Amish and Cow mascots, popcorn, hotdogs, ribbon-cutting, tons of fanz on Sansom Street and then crowded into the space — so much fun and a great accomplishment for the company and of course a kick-ass show that night!

9. Interesting fact (or 2) about yourself: Oy!  uh…gee, did you all know I’m SINGLE?!  Isn’t that interesting?  Uh….. let’s see.  I play drums in a samba band.  I was the last remaining fan of ER and watched it religiously.

10. Voted Most Likely To… Play ComedySportz until I’m 65? Um…. get everyone to meditate and get in touch with their feelings before a match!? Don’t know!

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Meet the Playerz: Sean Curran

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ComedySportz players are a bunch of nerds. We admit it; heck we’re proud of it! We can wax philosophical on everything from STAR WARS to WILD STRAWBERRIES to WORLD WAR HULK to Chase Utley. And there is no bigger nerd amongst us than Sean Curran. Don’t let the nerdiness fool you: Sean’s an aggressive player a tough ref and now, an awesome Daddy. Happy Father’s Day Sean!

1.  Your name and nickname: Sean “Swimming Against the” Curran

2. Your player #: 76

3. Year you joined CSz: 2005

4.  High School attended: Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

5.  College (and grad school) attended: Bradley University – Peoria, IL

6.  Favorite CSz game: Four Corners

7.  Favorite memory involving a fan: My favorite moment with a fan was after my second show. We were standing in the lobby doing the high-five line. One gentleman in particular was eager to make eye contact with me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in close to whisper, “YOU were very funny tonight.” I said, “Thank you sir!” and thought he’d be on his way, but he made it a point to show his entire group of friends the guy who he thought was the funniest.

8.  Memorable show moment: My most memorable show moment would have to be a tie. The first moment was the night in 2006 when I was able to correctly guess all five things in “5 Thingz”. The audience loved it! My second moment would be during the New Year’s Eve show in 2006 when Nathan Holt dressed as Baby New Year. No one bothered to tell him that he should have kept his underwear on under the diaper, and as a result, we all got much more of a “ball drop” than we had been hoping for!

9.  Interesting fact (or 2) about yourself: Fact #1: I can walk on my hands for extended periods of time. Fact #2: I am really good at Jeopardy, but have never tried out for the show.

10.  Voted Most Likely To… Channel an 18th Century London Bootblack in a Scene

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