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Improv Classes

You’ve seen us play ComedySportz. Now, it’s your turn to play!

Philadelphia’s longest-running comedy show also has the longest running improv training program in Philadelphia: CSz Education. Our focus is supporting individuals in their pursuit of artistic and personal growth through the art of improvisation.

Whether you just want to let off some steam after a hard week or focus on building your improv skills all the way to The Rec League, CSz Education has something for you. You’ll develop practical skills you’ll apply in any real-life situation including: creative problem-solving, teamwork, spontaneity, non-verbal communication, and laughing with strangers.

CSz Education students experience some excellent perks including FREE Open Practice Sessions every Saturday and FREE passes to see ComedySportz.

It’s always been a good time to take an improv class, now is a great time to take an improv class with CSz Education.

You’ll be amazed at what you can do!


ComedySportz 00: Open House

Are you a Loyal Fan who’s always been interested in taking a ComedySportz class but not sure if it’s for you? Try the “ComedySportz Open House”. It’s a low cost, low pressure, low carb way to get up on your feet and play some ComedySportz-style improv games with our Artisitic Director Dave Jadico. And it’s 100% FREE! It’s the perfect introduction to the ComedySportz 101: Intro to Improv class.
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Improv 101 :: Introduction to Improv

This course introduces you to the skills of improvisation; developing basic verbal and physical communication skills by exploring spontaneity, active listening, risk-taking, story-telling, character development, and more. Learn how to improvise in a safe, non-judgmental environment where the laughter comes easy and fun is the name of the game. No prerequisite except a willingness for silliness.
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Improv 201 :: Introduction to Scenework

This course introduces you to the building blocks of scenework, giving you the tools to create honest relationship-driven scenes on stage. A few of our most popular games will be used to strengthen your listening, character, and scene-building muscles as you become a stronger, faster more bionic improviser. Giggles, chuckles, and guffaws included in course fee. Prerequisite: CSz 101 (Intro to Improv) or permission of Education Director.
201 not offered this semester

Improv 301 :: Advanced Improv

This class continues the study of successful scene-work and adds more and more ComedySportz gamez to your repetoire. An open match for an invited audience will be performed on the final day of class. Prequisite: ComedySportz Intermediate level or permission of Education Director.
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Improv 400 :: Workshops

CSz Education offers specialty Workshops throughout the year on various topics including Musical Improv, Rap, Advanced Styles, Puppetry, etc. Prerequisite: Improv 101 or permission of Education Director.
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General Info:

  • Check out our excellent Student Perks.
  • You got questions, we got a Class FAQ.
  • Our staff of professional instructors have from 8 – 15 years of performing and teaching experience.
  • You’ll develop practical skills you can apply in almost any real-life situation.
  • The atmosphere of a CSz Education class is nurturing and supportive.
  • You’ll make new friends
  • You’ll laugh. A lot.