2 Star Review - Amy Baran and Matt Farrell

EXTRA EXTRA! New improv duo bursts onto the scene!!! Witness their 0 years of experience (rounded down) of performing together and the (un)expected results!

Alternative Facts - David Ruth and Gina Gennari

Alternative Facts will present different versions of the truth as they spin away from the base suggestion. When the grounded yet bizarre stories start to unwind, it'll be up to the audience to decide how to separate the plausible facts from the alternative ones.

Audrey III - Jeff Barg and Alanna Shaffer

Alanna Shaffer and Jeff Barg met in a production of Little Shop of Horrors, in which she played Audrey and he played the deep-voiced wino who sings, "Then you go." That was fun but took too long, so now they improvise musicals on the spot.

Baewolf - Katie Cwirko and Annie Paradis



Choopy & Me - Mary Carpenter and Joe Sabatino

Choopy & Me is an interspecies improv duo between humans and puppets. Choopy is a puppet, and Me is a human. Long form improv more mischievous than the muppets and more unpredictable than just about anything else.

Cowboy - David Donnella and Frank Farrell

David Donnella and Frank Farrell aren't looking for trouble. But if trouble comes, they won't back down.

Day by Day - Kate Fruhman and Mary Collins

Just 2 ladies letting their gripes inspire an improv set.

Funfetti - Sarah Clemency and Chris Gory

A fun pair of pals bringing our confection to the world.

Gerry! - Sarah LeClair and Brandon Rothenberg

Brandon and Sarah met in 2011, teaching high school in the same hall. Well, they didn't teach in the hall, but their classrooms were near each other. Now they do comedy, and they've never looked back....except for the two times they looked back.

House of Solitude - Daniel Corkery and Caitlin Weigel

House of Solitude is Caitlin Weigel and Daniel Corkery. They specialize in creating characters who think they are right, deeply sad suburban people, and weird teenagers.

I Like You presents: CAMP FIRE! - Kelly Jennings and Emily Davis

Re-live your worst nightmares with your favorite camp counselors in the scariest campfire ever!

Jommy - Joe Tuzzi and Jimmy Wyatt

Jommy is Joe Tuzzi and Jimmy Wyatt! We know each other!

Kris & Chips - Kristin Finger and Chip Chantry

Chip is a standup and a big deal. Kristin is an improviser and forces Chip to perform improv her.

Mr. & Mrs. - Cait Sumner and Joel Sumner

Mr. & Mrs. is couple centric improv performed by real life couple Cait and Joel Sumner. Join them as they improvise couples of all types, ages, and stages of relationships.

Pavlov- Josh Holober-Ward and Kevin Regan

Josh and Kevin extol the virtues of Man's Best Friend.

Rayqueesha and Jenny Take on the World - Stephanie Schechner and Yvonne Anderson

We're a badass long-form duo taking on complex issues of race and racism in the world!

Salesmen Kevin Pettit and Nick Gillette

You know the thing that's missing in your life? So do we. We have it. Want it? Good.

See: Salesmen.

short rib - Scott Campbell and Sheila Master

Short rib is an improv duo from Philadelphia. Scott Campbell and Sheila Master both started doing improv at the same time a few years back, and have loved playing pretend together ever since. Both are currently on house teams at Philly Improv Theater and started short rib so they could play together.

During a short rib show you can expect to see lots of fun relationships and characters charged with emotion and whimsy. Even though there are only 2 people on stage you will leave feeling like there were more. Most importantly, you will leave a short rib show full of delight and amusement.

Sillycon Valley - Ari Charlestein and Phil Gravuer

We will bring the audience back in time to learn how their favorite (startup) companies came to be.

Slayall Day - Andrea Duffy Duffy and Amanda Bialon

Clamor of Harpies was sittting in a bar, and somebody was like, wouldn't it be cool if we did Dual Duel? And we were all like, whoah, split the Harpies? But then we did. It's like Harpies Lite*. Come get a taste.

Snob vs. Slob - Joe Coughlin and Tamara Friedlander

Like (but not legally like) The Odd Couple, Tamara and Joe play friends who live together and are about to call the whole arrangement off. Can either one get through to the other before they drive each other off the deep end?

Tevin - Tim Rapp and Kevin Zakszewski

Take one part Tim, one part Kevin and like a trillion parts fun and you have the improv duo Tevin! Philly.com once described this comedy pairing as "No articles found." But soon they will be the benevolent rulers of the universe, so make sure to see them now before they control every aspect of your life.

Turtle Soup - Joey Beams and Will Crowley

Turtle Soup is a Philadelphia-based improv duo featuring Joey Beams & Will Crowley. These two like to play highly intense shows with a multitude of insane characters. All the while doing their best to make each other laugh uncontrollably.

Yung Dad - Tom Hannigan and Brendan Kingston

Yung Dad is one of the longest running duos around Philadelphia. Tom Hannigan and Brendan Kingston are best friends who abuse that trust for an audiences.