1. Is it a short form competition? No. It's an improv competition. it can be any form of improv you would like to do in your allotted time: short, long, musical, theme based, etc.

2. Do I have to be available for ALL the show nights? No. You need to be available for one of the regular Monday Challenge nights as well as that corresponding semi-final night. We are running 2 rounds with different groups - the first round is the first 3 Mondays followed by semi-final #1, the second round is the next 3 Mondays). The most you would perform is 3 nights - 1 regular night, 1 semi-final and the finals.

3. Is there a submission fee? No.

4. Who decides which duo advances? The audience. This is an audience voted competition.The audience is required to vote for 2 duos each night.  The duo with the most votes advances. Any ballot that contains less than or more than two votes will not be counted.

5. Is this ONLY for established duos? No. This is for duos of all backgrounds and histories. Part of the fun is seeing who teams up to compete.