1. Each Duo must be made up of 2 improvisers; no more, no less. Otherwise it is NOT a Duo.
  2. You may only submit yourself as part of one Duo. You may not submit yourself in two, three, four or more Duos.

  3. If your Duo is eliminated, you cannot perform with another Duo.

  4. Duos must complete the registration form between June 11th and 14th at midnight. No registrations will be accepted before or after the registration dates. If there are more Duos than performance slots, they will be put on a waitlist in case a scheduled Duo drops out.

  5. When registering, you MUST be available for one Monday night plus its corresponding semi-final night as well as the Finals (ex: if you are available 7/10, 17, or 24, you need to be available for that semi-final night 7/31 plus the finals on 9/1)

  6. The schedule will be posted on June 26, 2017.

  7. Any Duo caught breaking these rules will be eliminated immediately from the competition.


  1. Order selection will take place live on stage in front of the audience. The Host will pick the order out of a hat.
  2. Each Duo gets exactly 14 minutes to perform. At the 12 minute mark, the experienced tech person will look for a button. At 14 minutes, if the Duo has not finished their set, the lights will go to BLACK. (PLEASE NOTE: The length of the sets for the Semi-finals and Finals will be determined at a later date.)

  3. The audience is required to vote for 2 different Duos each night.  Any ballot that contains less than or more than two votes will not be counted.

  4. The two top-voted Duos move on to the semi-finals, The top 2 Duos of both Semi-finals advance to the finals.