As the home to Philadelphia's longest-running improv comedy show, ComedySportz, CSz Philadelphia knows the power of improvisation on the field and off. Our Applied Improv Programs are a unique, fun and meaningful way to enhance collaboration and communication.

By the time your colleagues have stopped laughing, they might even realize they’ve learned something.

Building Trusting Business Relationships

The fastest way to build trusting relationships is to make the other person feel heard.  Our programs build that listening muscle!   Through a series of fun and powerful, on-your-feet activities  participants explore the skills of the improviser:  collaboration, adapting to change or disruption, committing to choices with confidence, innovation, and replacing distracting inner scripts with laser-focused listening!   Our programs provide a safe environment in which participants feel comfortable exploring these new skills.  All activities are done in groups or pairs -- no one is ever singled out for 'performance' because we're not teaching how to perform improv, but how to use skills of the improviser!   After each exercise, our expert facilitator leads a discussion in which participants discover how they can immediately apply these new techniques to enhance business relationships and increase productivity in the workplace. 

The Power of Applied Improv:

The [CSz] Philadelphia facilitator provided an exemplary experience … safe and comfortable learning for the entire staff: fun, engaging, thought provoking and educational. The training was on par with my previous training with The Second City at every level. Thank you CSz Philadelphia, we are looking forward to your return for our fall staff development day.
— Fran Gallagher, MEd New Jersey Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics
I was skeptical and even terrified of the event when I saw it on my calendar. But after we got started, I just jumped in and learned so much. And now, when people ask for my name, I’m going to say my full name with super hero confidence!
— Employee Participant, AstraZeneca
The program was excellent and the facilitator was outstanding.
— Gail Steele, Brandywine Global
TEAMBUILDING with ZS Associates
This was one of the best team events that I have ever been involved in. I’m sure we are on the right track to building a strong supervisor team through on going communication
and teamwork.
— Lavonne Wright, PECO Energy

Over 25 Years Experience

For over 25 years, CSz Philadelphia has worked with companies like yours, from Fortune 500 corporations to non-profit organizations to schools including:


Our Training team is made up of professional improvisers who also happen to be professional Facilitators and/or certified Coaches, each with over 20 years experience instructing business professionals in a wide variety of industries.

Teamwork Minus The Work

Through a series of fun, on-your-feet activities based on improvisational theatre techniques, participants explore skills such as listening, collaboration, adaptability, focus, innovation, and replacing your inner script with moment-to-moment response. Programs are designed to create a safe environment in which participants feel comfortable letting go of inhibitions, laughing and experiencing colleagues in a new light. After each exercise, our expert facilitator leads a discussion in which participants examine the skills explored and how they can immediately apply these new techniques to enhance productivity in the workplace.

Collaboration and Communication For Teams

Leadership Listening


A team is only as strong as its ability to work together. These programs get your employees thinking and more importantly, listening differently. 

Customer Service

Your biggest asset is your client base. Treating them with respect and courtesy is the key to making them repeat customers. This program explores the skills needed to provide excellent customer service. 

The Communication Wheel

A  styles assessment tool that increases your ability to work in harmony with the very folks whose work style drives you crazy! 

large group program (250 people)

large group program (250 people)