We’ll explore how to build a solid relationship between characters by discovering history, emotional points of view and gifting. A strong relationship between the performers on stage can push a scene in new directions! Prerequisite: CSz 201 or equivalent from any established improv training center

When: Tuesday, July 12th
Time: 7pm-9pm
Instructor: Kristin Finger
Tuition: $40

Your Instructor: Kristin Finger

KRISTIN FINGER has studied improv for the past 13 years and has been a member of CSz Philadelphia since 2007, where she is currently the Education Director. Her acting and improv training include the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, CSz Worldwide and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. She has studied under Paul Scheer (The League), Seth Morris (Parks and Recreation), Jill Bernard, Jen Childs (1812 Productions), Tara DeFrancisco, Lauren Pritchard, Dave Jadico and has performed with Horatio Sanz. While in New York, Kristin performed stand-up in clubs including The Comedy Cellar and Standup NY alongside Jim Gaffigan and Dave Attell. Since its start in 2012, Kristin has been a part of shows at Figment Theater including; Slasher, The Bright and Bold Beauty Box Hour, Stagefright, Origin Story, Detours, The Table and John Hughes High where she created band geek Lucy Campbell. She is part of Figment’s ensemble Playback and directs the ensemble The Avengers. A few other projects/shows she’s been a part of are 1812 Productions, Improvukkah, Just Wingin’ it at Act II Playhouse; independent groups Grey Gardens, Kris&Chips, Wisdom Teeth, The Real Housewives of Philadelphia and Philly’s all improvised rap group, CityBeatz.

Workshop Info

Tuition: $40/workshop (Save money and learn more with multiple workshops. Enroll in 3 or more workshops and the price drops to $30/workshop!)

Location: CSz Philadelphia (Theater)