Objectives: Customer Service

Program Description: Through a series of on-your-feet activities, this program explores the skills needed to provide excellent customer service to both internal and external customers. In this session, we work to reduce the internal 'script' running through your mind as you answer customer questions, and replace that script with present, in-the-moment responses that allow the receiver to feel heard and walk away thrilled with the personal attention and care.

We work on reducing the 'it's not my job' syndrome and replace it with a sense of teamwork and the ability to 'make everyone look good.’, physical and vocal signals of status, and come to an understanding of how sending signals of equal status helps build trusting relationships. All exercises are based on the skills we improvisers need to collaborate on stage and create instant magic. Our expert facilitators will help you apply those improv skills to your participants' specific work situations. The session is fun and full of laughs, and the participants walk away with practical, applicable skills they can apply to immediately improve customer service.

Time: 2 hours

Participants: 8 - 50 (For 20 – 50 participants: we run simultaneous identical sessions with up to 20 participants per group, and would need separate spaces for each group divided by soundproof walls.)

Space Requirement: wide open space – a room without tables; chairs pushed to the periphery; enough space for all participants to stand comfortably in a circle with about a foot between each person.

So much fun learning, so engaging — no one used their cell phones. Great job!
— Employee from a large corporate financial company