Program One: Collaboration and Communication

Objectives (customized to your needs): teambuilding, team bonding, leadership development, innovation.

Program Description: Through a series of fun, on-your-feet activities based on improvisational theatre techniques, participants explore skills such as listening, collaboration, releasing pre-conceived agendas, adapting to change, committing to choices with confidence, multi-tasking, and creative thinking. The program is designed to create a safe environment in which participants feel comfortable letting go of inhibitions, laughing and seeing each other in a new light. No one is singled out for performance – everything is group-based and supportive. After each exercise, our expert facilitator leads a discussion in which participants examine the skills needed to perform the exercise successfully, and how they can immediately apply these new skills to enhance productivity in the workplace.

Time: 2 hours

Participants: 8 - 50 (For 20 – 50 participants: we run simultaneous identical sessions with up to 20 participants per group, and would need separate spaces for each group divided by soundproof walls.)

Space Requirement: wide open space – a room without tables; chairs pushed to the periphery; enough space for all participants to stand comfortably in a circle with about a foot between each person.

The exercises were so relevant–targeting just what I wanted to achieve. We all thought the balance of energy, fun, learning and interaction was perfect.
— Annette Gow, Exelon Corporation

Program Two: Collaboration and Communication -- Demo with Workshop

Objectives: teambuilding, teambonding, innovation, leadership development

Program Description: Our team of performer-facilitators perform a series of improvisational theatre games for the large group, followed by large group discussion of the skills of the improviser, followed by dividing into small group workshops similar to Program One, and culminating in a short performance for the large group, incorporating participant volunteers.

Time: 3 – 3.5 hours

Participants: 50 – 120

Space Requirements: One large space with audience-style seating and raised platform stage. Breakout rooms for simultaneous workshops (same ‘open space’ requirements as Program One)

The event was successful! I was so pleased with the facilitators that came today…everyone in our group truly enjoyed the exercises. I will definitely be in touch with you to schedule our team building event next year.
— Shevaz Stewart, Independence Blue Cross, IBC
Large Group program (250 people)

Large Group program (250 people)

Program Three: Collaboration and Communication -- Performance with Large Group Exercises

Possible Objectives: teambuilding or teambonding

Description: This program is a full ComedySportz performance interspersed with facilitated exercises that the participants do in pairs in their seats.

Time: 75 minutes – 2 hours

Participants: 120+

Space Requirement: Auditorium style seating with raised platform stage plus sound system