Objectives: Understand yours and your colleagues communication styles and learn to get your needs met by meeting the needs of others

Program Description: Do you work with someone who communicates totally differently than you? Who approaches projects in a way you never would? Do they drive you crazy?! Yet you also sorta admire some of the qualities they have that you wish you had? Most important: would you like to be able to communicate with all styles more effectively, a have less frustrating, more productive collaborations? The Communication Compass is for you!

Using an assessment model with Four Styles — Warrior, Visionary, Nurturer, Analyst — participants discover their own communication style and, more importantly, how their style communicates with other styles. This information is crucial for both professional and personal development, as it has a profound effect on the ability to build relationships and be ‘heard.’ Ultimately, participants learn how to get their needs met by meeting the needs of others.

This session is enlightening and fun, and prompts rich small and large-group discussions. Participants leave with practical skills for communicating more effectively with each style!

While some interactive exercises are used, this is not an Applied Improv program. 80% of the time is spent seated.

Concepts include:

  • Understanding Self & Others
  • Perception vs. Intention
  • The Platinum Rule (Do unto others as they would have done unto themselves!)
  • The value of all styles on teams
  • Leading each style
  • Over-use of style (resulting in unhealthy, ineffective communication) and methods toward balancing one’s style
  • Style identification of others
  • Mastering styles communication and how it leads to increased productivity
  • Communicating verbally, nonverbally and through the written word for each style

Time: 90 minutes - 150 minutes
Program is stand-alone, and/or complements our Applied Improv Communication & Collaboration program. Both programs together can run a half or 3/4 day.

Participants: 10-100

Space Requirement: Room must have flexible seating in order to configure participants into style groups. Power Point projector is required.

So much fun learning, so engaging — no one used their cell phones. Great job!
— Employee from a large corporate financial company