Kim Loux, Host of The Pineapple Show

Kim Loux, Host of The Pineapple Show

Come watch an alternate reality unfold in this improv comedy show that is based on your stories, images, and photographs. Discover what world lies beyond your favorite poem from seventh grade, that suspicious alleyway behind your house, or the photo of your 2005 Halloween house party. The Pineapple Show features the best of Philly’s long-form indie teams. Each month, we challenge them to take their improv to the next level using your multimedia suggestions.

The theme of our August 14th show is "On the Streets of Philadelphia.”  We want to see and hear about the craziest things you have seen in the city.  Maybe it is that group of rollerbladers who roam the streets led by a man in spandex brandishing a trumpet?  Or that time a gentleman in a suit tried to sell you a “gently used” chess set outside of 7-11?

Send in your stories and photographs of unusual things and you could inspire a set. Use #pineappleimprov to post images or stories on social media or leave us a voicemail with your story at (484) 823-0006.

Nick/Ashley: Never Gonna Give You Up
Wisdom Teeth
The Good Kids

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Show Time:
Tuesday, October 9 @ 7:30PM
Tuesday, November 13 @ 7:30PM
Tuesday, December 11 @ 7:30PM

CSz Philadelphia
2030 Sansom Street (between Walnut & Chestnut and 20th & 21st Street)

Running Time:

1 hour

Tickets: $10
ComedySportz accepts cash and credit cards at the Box Office. Sorry, we no longer accept citrus.