As a Loyal Fan Rewards Member, every dollar you spend buy adds up to FREE tickets. 

How It Works

For every 1 dollar you spend, you get 1 point. At 50 points you get 1 free ticket.

Loyal Fan Rewards


After you complete a purchase, you will get a message asking if you want to become a Loyal Fan Rewards Member. Just click “Yes, I’d Like To Join” and you are automatically enrolled with your points applied to your account.

Or, do nothing…but break our hearts.

We can also sign you up manually, just send us an email to

RECEIVING your free ticket

Once you reach 50 points, you will get an option to redeem those points at the time of your next purchase. You keep acquiring points every purchase you make, whether you use them or not.

Points are based on actual dollars spent. You must complete a purchase for your points to be applied to your account.

That's it! Pretty simple, huh. All you have to do now is SIGN UP!


  • Double Point Days
  • Individual Reward Cards
  • Concessions Specials
  • And More!


Rewards may only be redeemed online or at the Box Office of CSz Philadelphia. These points do not apply to other CSz venues. Points cannot be retroactively acquired. Points are for dollars spent on show tickets only; workshops, classes, concessions and merchandise do not yet count towards rewards points. But we’re working on it!