It’s ComedySportz…just for you.

Do you want to bring your school, tour or camp group to see ComedySportz during the week? We can do that!

Do you want to make a ComedySportz match part of your fundraiser? We can do that too!

Do you want to come see us on a night other than Saturday? Oooo, we can’t do that…Just Kidding!! Of course we can make that happen!

Comedysportz Philadelphia is an incredible night! This show will have you laughing and amazed by the talented comedians improv skills. It is great for adults looking for a night out, or go to the earlier show as a family- this show is perfect for everyone! You will leave the night planning your next visit back to see this show again!
— Cindy Epstein, Horizon House

We offer private ComedySportz matches (including special matches for kids ages 3-7) and The Blue Show just about any day/night of the week in our 100-seat arena. We can help with outside catering so you can enjoy your favorite food while you watch your favorite comedy shows.

Or we can come to you. Click here for information on our multiple Road Show packages. So many options!

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