Some students learn by watching. Some students learn by doing. Our students get to do both!

We are happy to provide CSz Education students with the following Student Perks* as part of their enrollment:

  • FREE tickets to see ComedySportz – When you want to get better, you look to the best: and what better way to learn than to watch Philadelphia’s longest running comedy show for FREE! Students get one pass to see any Saturday night ComedySportz match. Students will be admitted 5 minutes before the match begins, unless the show is SOLD OUT. (Does not include Special Events or Specialty Shows.)
  • Discount on all other CSz Entertainment productions - ComedySportz is our flagship offering but it’s just one of the many programs we produce including The Blue Show. CSz Education students get to see these and any other show we produce for 1/2 the price of the ticket. (Does not include Special Events or Specialty Shows.)
  • Early Registration – Our students are ready and raring to take that next step and we want to encourage them. CSz Education Students can register for the next level class before anyone else guaranteeing they receive a slot and their improv education continues.

*Student Perks go into affect the week of your first class and remain active until the week of your final class.