Advanced Improvisers

8 Weeks


This class will focus on monoscenes, improv like a one-act play. The first four weeks will focus on instruction, the second four weeks focus on performance with weekly sets on the CSz Philadelphia stage for audiences. These shows will be followed by a notes session with the Instructor. This is a great way to work on your form and get some immediate feedback. Prerequisite: Improv Level 301 or higher from CSz Philadelphia or another training center.

From Bob: "A successful monoscene is about sustaining interest between characters and relationships, and holding together a series of games within a larger framework of a single scene, not just stretching a two minute scene into a 25 minute slot. 

During this class, we will work through exercises that help “keep all the balls in the air”, whether it is navigating the complex relationships within a multi-player monoscene, knowing how to cut away and come back to a scene, and heightening with intention and an eye to grounded play.

This class will be geared toward performers that have completed coursework in characters and scenes. It’d also be good to understand the game of the scene, but not required."

Photos: The cast of This Week Sucked

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Semester 3

This class is not running this semester.

Enrollment CLOSED


Bob McNichol


Bob McNichol studied and performed at ImprovOlympic, Annoyance Theater, and Second City in Chicago where he performed with “Johnny Roast Beef” and “Concept Album” before moving to Austin in 2005 with his wife, Erika May McNichol. He has since taught, coached and performed at Coldtowne Theater with award-winning troupe The Frank Mills, The Smoking Arm and Stool Pigeon. At ColdTowne, Bob won the award for Straight Characters so often, they named the award for him.

He is an original cast member of the acclaimed sketch comedy podcast, Victrola, finalists in the Improv for Humans/Earwolf Competition (2017). You can listen to episodes or download their album Virtual Aurality (Sure Thing Records) on iTunes.

Bob performs with THIS WEEK SUCKED at CSz Philly.

What His Students Say: “I took a workshop with Bob and experienced a major improv breakthrough. He helped me out of my head – I got more physical on stage and started to have a lot more fun.” - Peter H.