CSz Philadelphia Announces New Minor League Players

This weekend, CSz Philadelphia held auditions for The ComedySportz Minor League, our second company of ComedySportz Players. The Minor League plays every Sunday @ 2PM.

Auditions were open to all CSz Philly students who had completed CSz 401 or The Rec League. We are happy to announce our new ComedySportz Minor League Players:

Kim Loux
Sean Nelms
Adam Cooper
Jennifer Zanoni
Joshua Raclaw
Matt Farrell

Kim Loux and Matt Farrell

Kim Loux and Matt Farrell

Congrats to our new Minor League Players!

And Thank You to all who auditioned; our students are awesome and they did not make it easy for Head Coach Kristin Finger.

The new Players start training in January and will take the field in early 2018.

The ComedySportz Minor League takes place every Sunday @ 2PM. You can get your tickets here.