Auditions: All-Female Identifying Improv Show

I'll Have What She's Having

“I’ll Have What She’s Having” Auditions

Date: February 24th
Times: 10-12, 1-3

CSz Philadelphia announces auditions for an exciting new improv show: I’ll Have What She’s Having. Produced by CSz Philadelphia, the show re-imagines old and new classic films as if they starred all-female identifying casts. What would Die Hard look like with Joanna McClane and Hannah Gruber; what’s the “offer you can’t refuse” from The Godmother, and would the world have been saved sooner if Black Widow was in charge of The Avengers? We are looking for experienced female identifying improvisers for an 8-10 person ensemble to devise, rehearse, perform, and tackle these very important and potentially hilarious questions. Unpaid.

Director: Mary Carpenter
Asst. Director: Olivia Roth

Important Dates


  • March 10th-April 28th: Sunday evenings, time TBA

  • April 30-May 2: Dress/Technical rehearsals 7-10pm


  • May 3, May 10, May 17, May 27 @ 8pm

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