Announcing: The Cast of "I'll Have What She's Having"

“We have a message for Philadelphia…”

“We have a message for Philadelphia…”

CSz Philadelphia is happy to announce the cast of a new all female comedy show: I’ll Have What She’s Having!

Megan Bellwoar-Hollinger
Beth Eisenberg
Kristin Finger
Erica Gooch
Kelly Jennings
Micheline McManus
Erika McNichol
Siobhan O'Hara
Jessie Preisendorfer
Alli Soowal

Emily Zargan
Ashlee Austin

Director: Mary Carpenter
Asst. Director: Olivia Roth

I’ll Have What She’s Having re-imagines old and new classic films as if they starred all-female identifying casts. What would Die Hard look like with Joanna McClane and Hannah Gruber; what’s the “offer you can’t refuse” from The Godmother, and would the world have been saved sooner if Black Widow was in charge of The Avengers?

You’ll find out Fridays in May @ 8PM.