The Geek Show's Celebri-Geek Judges

With The Geek Show just days away, the time has come to unveil our celebrity judges! We're thrilled beyond thrilled to be joined by the most inspiring and thoroughly geeky women in the verse'. As they sit in judgment upon us on Friday, we will both behold and be beholding to their incredible geekspertise. So without further ado...the Celebri-geek Judges!

First up is Ariell Johnson, the owner of Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse, which is set to open in early June at the corner of Frankford Avenue and Huntington Street. Ariell is a geek's geek and has created a setting for other geeks to come and share their passion for comics, coffee, baked goods, and life's great mysteries with each other. But her interests in geek culture aren't limited to comics. We sought her out to be one of our Celebri-geek Judges because she is obsessed with "all aspects of geekdom." This broad ranging expertise gives her the authority to judge wisely, in true khaleesi fashion, on all things geek. 

Our second judge is Julie Leung, the newly-minted social media and marketing manager for Quirkbooks , legendary publisher of awesome books like the world-famous Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. You can see her work by following @Quirkbooks on Twitter. Julie is also the creator of Fiction to Fashion, where you can find fashionable ensembles inspired by literary fiction. From Michonne to Anastasia Steele, Julie conjures up outfits based on all your favorite stories. 

And our final judge is none other than the Queen of Cosplay herself, Victoria Cosplay. In addition to her many appearances at various festivals and conventions, Victoria also gives back to the community, like Leia working with the disenfranchised Ewoks on Endor. Victoria serves as the leader of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Heroes Alliance, a nonprofit organization that sends super heroes to appear at children's community and charity events. Victoria's style, extensive geek knowledge, and philanthropic work are admirable, and we are honored to have her as a celebrigeek judge!