Halloween Comedy Shows at CSz Philadelphia

Halloween and ComedySportz

Looking for something fun to do this Halloween season? We got your back with comedy shows for everyone.

ComedySportz Halloween Matches

Celebrate Halloween at a ComedySportz Match. We have “spooky” Halloween-themed games and treats for kids and adults alike. Costumes are welcome but not required.

Saturday 10/28 @ 7:30PM
Saturday 10/28 @ 10PM

What Is ComedySportz?

ComedySportz is competitive improv comedy. Saturday nights @ 7:30 and 10, two teams, The Philadelphia Fighting Amish and The New Jersey Turnpikes battle for the laughs of you, the Loyal Fans. The Players compete over several rounds using audience suggestions to create comedy scenes and songs using a collection of official improv games. A Referee times the games, calls the fouls and keeps things moving while an Announcer gives scoring updates and color commentary. It’s comedy for everyone!


Minor League Halloween Match - Great For Kids

Looking for something Haloween-y but not too long or late? Try a ComedySportz Minor League match! We have “spooky” Halloween-themed games and treats for kids and adults alike. Costumes are welcome but not required.

Sunday 10/29 @ 2PM

Murder Manor

An Improvised Murder Mystery

Six strangers gather at a dinner party during a dark and stormy night to meet a mysterious host only to find themselves in the middle of a murder. Based on the famous board game (that we cannot mention here), six improvisers from CSz Philadelphia become a gang of unlikely and hysterical suspects. Audience members provide them with hilarious secrets, any of which could be the clue to the identity of the killer.

In the end, the audience gets to guess who the killer is. Will you be right? There is only one way to find out.

Friday 10/5 @ 8PM
Friday 10/12 @ 8PM
Friday 10/19 @ 8PM
Friday 10/26 @ 8PM

Matt& Improv Show

Face Your Fears By Doing Improv With A Stranger

Matt& is an improv comedy show where Matt Holmes performs with a random stranger plucked from the audience. Called a “must-see” and a “best worst nightmare come true,” nothing is planned, it’s all made up live as you're watching it, and every performance is unique.

"My partner is almost always someone who has never even seen improv before, let alone tried to do it", says Matt. "I tell them three things: they can do and say whatever they want, it's my job to make it work, and everyone wants them to succeed."

SPECIAL DEAL: MATT& is offering 2-for-1 tickets to all shows! The extra ticket is automatic. This is a great opportunity to introduce a friend or loved one to an incredible improv show experience.

MATT& is also a LOYAL FAN REWARDS DOUBLE POINTS show. Get 2 points for every 1 dollar you spend to see Matt Holmes and an audeince member in MATT&.

Sunday 10/14 @ 7PM
Sunday 10/21 @ 7PM