The Philadelphia School of Improv

There are a lot of improv classes in Philadelphia.

Lots of levels of improv training featuring scenework, characters, relationships, and finally class shows for family and friends.

It’s great!

This is an excellent time to be learning and performing improv in Philly.

We know this because we’ve been teaching and performing improv in Philly for over 25 years.

We’ve seen it all.

And just as improv classes in Philly have changed, we see it is time for us to change as well.


We are happy to announce that CSz Philadelphia is rebranding its education program under a new banner: The Philadelphia School of Improv (PSI). Our goal is to share our 25+ years of improv experience with our students and provide them with the opportunities they want and need to grow as improvisers.

What does that mean to you as a current or new student?

1. We are expanding our improv class curriculum:

ComedySportz Track - This is game-based improv (also known as short form improv). You want to perform improv like the Players in ComedySportz? Then this track of ComedySportz classes is for you! You’ll learn the basics and apply them to our game-based format of improv that is faster and varied in style.

Long Form Track - If you want to do improv like they do at UCB or iO, then this track of long form classes is for you. Learn the basics and then apply them to grounded, scene-based improv.

Workshop to Performance - You’re an experienced improviser looking to learn a new form and perform it on stage; this is the track for you. You’ll spend the first 4 weeks working on the form and the second 4 weeks performing in front of an audience.

Q: Why so many tracks? Improv is improv, right?

A: Absolutely! Despite what you may have heard, all improv uses the same basic skill set regardless of what format or form you are doing.

That being said, each format uses a different set of muscles. We believe that, to be well-rounded performers, students should be exercising as many improv muscles as possible under a team of highly experienced instructors.

2. We are adding classrooms! More classes means more space requirements. PSI is adding two new classrooms right across the street at 2013 Sansom Street on the third floor. One classroom even has a lovely view of South Philadelphia.

3. New Payment Model. There’s a lot here so we need to bullet-point this:

Earlier Bird. The earlier you sign up, the more money you save on enrollment; you can save up to $70! Check out the Early Bird schedule so you know how and when to save the most.

Deposit Directly. You want to sign up for a class but you can’t afford it all at once? We’ve been there. We are happy to offer a deposit option that will allow you to secure your spot and pay the rest on the first day of class.

Multi-Class Discount. Not sure which class to take? Why not take both? If you sign up for multiple classes in a semester you get a 15% discount on additional classes in the same semester.

Volunteering Pays. Come volunteer to work Front of House with us and you can earn up to 25% off your enrollment. And you get to interact with cool fans and see fun comedy shows.

Diversity Included. PSI is proud to continue offering a Diversity Scholarship to those historically marginalized groups who don’t always have access to improv training in Philly.

For more info, yes there is more, visit The Philadelphia School of Improv at