I’ve found that since taking the class I’ve had more confidence to speak up in meetings and throw crazy ideas around with my coworkers.
— CSz Student

Are you looking for an improv class? Then you are in the right place. For over 25 years, ComedySportz has used improvisation to entertain thousands of Loyal Fans in Philadelphia. We have taken that experience and applied it to our Improv Classes, teaching our students  the joy, power and freedom of improv.

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Learn From The Pros

Our Instructors are professional improvisers, actors, teachers and coaches. Whether you want to get better at public speaking, grow as a performer or make new friends, our Instructors have your back! We'll start you with the basics in 101, expand into scenework in 201, move into character study with 301 and combine all levels into performance with 401. From your first ice breaker to your final class show, our team of expert instructors is there to support your growth as an improviser every step of the way.

All classes and performances happen right in our home arena, including our official ComedySportz Rec League where our students can compete in their own ComedySportz match for friends and family.

CSz Education students experience some excellent perks including FREE admission to see ComedySportz.

Check out our Curriculum or keep reading about our approach to improv.

What Do You Get From a CSz Philadelphia Improv Class?

In our classes, you will learn the basics of improvisation and apply it to scene work, characters, relationships and performance. These skills can be applied to any form of improvisation.

CSz Philadelphia specializes in Short Form Improvisation

What is Short Form Improvisation?

Short Form improvisation was first developed by theater director and acting coach, Viola Spolin in the 1950s as a tool to work with actors during rehearsals. These theater games were eventually transposed through her son, Paul Sills for The Compass Players (which eventually became The Second City) into performance games for the stage. The Compass Players, commonly believed to be America’s first improv troupe, would in addition to their signature “scenario plays,” play improv games like “Story” as part of their shows. 

While several acting traditions throughout world history have employed improvisation as a method of actor training, American Short-Form may well be the first time a group of actors have ever stood on a stage ready to act with no pre-planned ideas of what their resulting scenes would depict.

Short Form takes the principles of improv and applies it to  games and scenes. Some games are scene-based, some are character-based, some are gimmick-based, but all use the improv skills that we teach you in each level of our classes: commitment, heightening and decision making. 

Short Form improvisation is used in popular and successful shows like Who’s Line Is It Anyway? and ComedySportz. It is also particularly effective in the game of life.

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What Do CSz 101 Students Have To Say?



I took it more for a public speaking perspective, but I think the real outside benefit was just having more fun with life.
— CSz Student
Saw real improvement in this level with helpful and friendly critiques.
— CSz Student
I think my main goal was to think faster on my feet. Another was to take myself less seriously. Both were accomplished...
— CSz Student
By the end, when we were performing the showcase, I really felt like I’d learned a significant body of work. That was amazing.
— CSz Student
All of the classes have been wonderful with a logical progression to a rewarding outcome.
— CSz Student
I met some great people in class.
— CSz Student