Matt& | Improv Comedy

CSz Philadelphia is proud to present MATT& starring Matt Holmes and an audience volunteer.

Matt& is an improv comedy show where Matt Holmes performs with a random stranger plucked from the audience. Called a “must-see” and a “best worst nightmare come true,” nothing is planned, it’s all made up live as you're watching it, and every performance is unique.

"My partner is almost always someone who has never even seen improv before, let alone tried to do it", says Matt. "I tell them three things: they can do and say whatever they want, it's my job to make it work, and everyone wants them to succeed."


SPECIAL DEAL: MATT& is offering 2-for-1 tickets to all shows! The extra ticket is automatic. This is a great opportunity to introduce a friend or loved one to an incredible improv show experience.

MATT& is also a LOYAL FAN REWARDS DOUBLE POINTS show. Get 2 points for every 1 dollar you spend to see Matt Holmes and an audeince member in MATT&.


If you're used to improv shows, this one might feel a little different. Not only because of the audience member's starring role, but also because Matt and his crew incorporate improvised musical accompaniment, improvised lighting, and improvised sound effects, giving the show a more theatrical and cinematic feel.

Loved it!
— Joe Bill - Annoyance Theater, iO, Second City

Show Info

Show Times:
Sunday, October 14th @ 7PM
Sunday, October 21st @ 7PM

CSz Philadelphia, 2030 Sansom Street (between Walnut & Chestnut and 20th & 21st)

Running Time:
1 Hour

$15 General Admission
CSz Philly accepts cash and credit cards at the Box Office. Sorry, we no longer accept smelt.

About Matt Holmes

Matt Holmes has been improvising for 20 years now and performing with a stranger from the audience for 10 years now. He co-founded Rare Bird Show in 2003—called “arguably the best” by The Onion's A.V. Club—and has performed and taught improv all over the country, including at Philly Improv Theater, Baltimore Improv Festival, Pittsburgh's Arcade Theatre, UCB Theatre's Del Close Marathon, and the Chicago Improv Festival at Second City.