Comedy Show That Lets You Laugh At Your Terrible Week


A comedy show in Philadelphia that is created from your total crap week, CSz Philadelphia is proud to present THIS WEEK SUCKED.

Based on long-running L.A. and Austin shows, THIS WEEK SUCKED invites audience members to share stories of bad bosses, breakups, hookups, adulting challenges and general woes, turning it into comedy on the spot.

Cheaper than therapy and more fun. We're also BYOB, so raise a glass with your fellow Philadelphians and exclaim THIS WEEK SUCKED!

Emily Davis
Shannon Devido
Bob McNichol
Mariah Min
Deepu Murty
Jessie Preisendorfer
Joel Sumner

Directed by Erika May McNichol

THIS WEEK SUCKED plays Fridays in November @ 10PM